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Branded Umbrellas

Did you know that 89% of people will keep promotional products they regard as useful? A branded umbrella clearly meets this criteria and its high perceived value means it is sure to be a well-received promotional gift. A quality umbrella will also last for many years, providing your brand with ongoing exposure and increased recognition.

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Our most popular style and a great choice if you?re after an umbrella that is stylish, practical and has endless customisation options. Golf umbrellas were originally developed for use on the golf course (no big surprises there!) but have evolved into the day-to-day umbrella of choice for many people today. With over 55 colour options and 22 handle options there?s a branded golf umbrella to suit every taste. Optional extras such as a storm-proof frame (impossible to blow inside out) or a double canopy (allows you to print on the inside of the umbrella) make the branded golf umbrella a highly customisable promotional gift.

Branded Golf UmbrellaBranded Golf UmbrellaBranded Golf Umbrella


If you're looking for an umbrella with a little more class, abranded walking umbrella could be an excellent choice. These tend to be smaller than golf umbrellas and include some unique design features that give them a touch of elegance. Once again, with a wide range of styles and colours to choose from you're sure to find a combination to suit your brand and budget.

Branded Walking UmbrellaWalking Umbrella 2Walking Umbrella 3


Telescopic umbrellas are compact and convenient, making them the perfect choice if you have a limited budget or don't have the space to store larger umbrellas. Traditionally favoured by females but rapidly becoming the umbrella of choice for many commuters, a branded telescopic umbrella offers great brand visibility in a compact package. These umbrellas usually come with a protective sleeve that can also be printed for added brand exposure.

Branded Telescopic UmbrellaTelescopic Umbrella 1Telescopic Umbrella 1

Still not 100% sure which style of umbrella is best for you? Simply submit a message via our enquiry form and one of our creative consultants will respond with recommendations on the perfect umbrella for your brand.

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