Global collaboration

Keeping a finger on the pulse of international progress...

Premier Marketing can offer distinct benefits as a member of a worldwide partnership of similar businesses that cherish similar values. Sharing of business experience and principled best practice paves the way for constant progression -enabling an array of advantages for our clients.
Success as a cohesive global group still comes through exceptional service and meticulous attention to detail on a local level.

You could benefit in the following ways:

  • Assurance of ethical supply chain building and management
  • Improved pricing from globally aggregated buying volumes
  • Local knowledge and experience of different products and markets
  • Savings on freight and import/export duties
  • Be the first to learn about new product developments from around the globe

Premier Marketing can provide a seamless suite of services (including fulfilment, distribution and customer service) via the following approved global partners:

  • Premier Marketing: Burgess Hill (nr London Gatwick Airport), UK
  • Schrema Werbung KG, Gladenbach, Germany
  • Active Print & Promotion, Ashburton, New Zealand
  • Speedex Group, Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
  • MEA Group, Columbus, Ohio, USA
  • ONE! Brand Partner Inc. Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Distinctions, Buenos Aires, Argentina

All Global Partners have been carefully selected as those that operate with the same ethos and with the same experienced, knowledgeable and creative personnel that insist on taking a personal interest in our clients, with the capacity and dedication to fulfil their requirements.

A complete service

Take advantage of our comprehensive suite of solutions:

  • Within the same premises, our parent company Action Press operate a complete printing service that can run alongside, or independently of, your branded merchandise arrangement. From letterheads, business cards, brochures and catalogues through to specialist print finishing, all your requirements can be handled by our dedicated team. Why not leave it to us – design, print, finishing and stockholding – we’re here to help you make it all happen.

  • We have years of experience in sourcing highly-targeted branded merchandise and realise that the most obvious solutions are not necessarily the best - an off-the-shelf solution may not quite achieve what you require and something unique is called for. Using our skills, experience and creativity, we’ll focus on your brand and target audience to design, refine and produce the ideal branded merchandise solution that will create an effective and ultimately memorable impression of your brand

  • Your brand is in safe hands of our siter comapny Action Studio. We want you to achieve the best possible results from your promotional products. We offer full artwork and design services as well as expert advice for supplying your own designs. Working with many major global brands, we are familiar with corporate guidelines and understand the importance of conforming to them. From advice on file formats through to recommendations and design proposals, we’ll ensure the focus is on maximising the positive impact of your brand.

  • When it comes to storage, fulfilment and despatch we’re well placed to handle the most demanding of missions. All work is closely supervised within our own facilities to ensure that your instructions are carried out accurately and efficiently, so whether you need storage and despatch services for ‘ad hoc’ requirements, or you have a complex multi-product, multi-destination project, you can rest assured that our experienced team will deliver with the help of one of our reputable logistics operators.

Online Merchandise Management System

Online, simple, flexible, secure, accurate and cost-effective...

Premier Marketing can develop, host and manage a customised online store to promote and distribute merchandise for your brands.

This facility is becoming increasingly popular with larger scale users who require an advanced solution for hassle-free management of corporate merchandise, often involving many personnel, divisions and even different countries.
Our webshop service is simple to use, with a logical flow that requires little training to follow. It is very flexible and can be tailored to your requirements depending how you would like your Corporate Merchandise Scheme managed.

The service includes:
  • Set up of a domain to host your webshop
  • Access to a range of free web templates if required.
  • Website built according to your supplied design
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Custom forms e.g surveys
  • Technical Support to guide you through the process, initially and ongoing.
  • Future upgrades, maintenance, and improvements.
  • Removal and additions of Premier Marketing products is also included.
  • Special login privileges for you to add/amend content if required.
  • Customised reporting.

The system is hosted and backed-up on one of the largest available cloud-based infrastructures – ensuring high security, 24/7 monitoring and emergency support, multiple dedicated internet and power lines, and very robust backup and disaster recovery procedures.
Reduce costs, save time, streamline procedures and make life easier - to discover how we can transform the way you manage your merchandise, contact a brand manager.

Call:0800 056 2407 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday - Friday.