Prodir Pen Selection

The Prodir Pen Range

Design tells a story. Good design tells a story of care and attention in the function and creativity that runs through it. That is why we believe good design is always the best way to start a good story. The same goes for excellent refill technology. The combination of effective refills and strong form creates pens which are ideally equipped to work as credible brand ambassadors, enter the Prodir Pen Range!

Every Prodir ballpoint pen already exudes this outstanding quality before being personalised. This ensures that the identity of a brand is communicated sustainably.


Form inspires feeling


Guaranteed to draw attention: The QS20 converts the principle of three-dimensional design of the casing surface into an object with sculptural effect.

Prodir QS20



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Developed for all companies working with cars and tyres and wanting people to literally grasp the message.

Prodir QS03


Soft and light

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The 3D surface of the latest jewel in the QS collection is reminiscent of delicate, softly falling particles.

Prodir QS02


Touchination - the fascination of touch

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A fine, faceted triangular structure determines the fascinating casing surface of the new QS01 Pattern Pen.

Prodir QS20


Personalisation 2.0

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Give the QS00 personalised Pattern Pen the 3D surface that will turn your brand world into an experience for all the senses, right down to the fingertips.

Prodir QS00



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The writing instrument honoured with the renowned IF Design Award with metal clip and push button, and Soft Touch casing. A material mix that deserves appreciation.

Prodir DS10


Oval, round or both?

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The striking large clip of the DS9 immediately catches the eye. Bold colours, high-quality mix & match options and a clear use of form give this pen distinctive character.

Prodir QS00

DS8 - Metal Clip

Taking things a step further

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Exclusive metal clips in five different versions, always elegantly integrated into a colour-contrasted clip-holder, now provide the DS8 with even more versatile personalisation options.

Prodir DS8 Metal Clip



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With its clear classical triangular shape, this pen is functional down to the smallest detail and perfect for effective brand promotions.

Prodir DS8



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This timelessly beautiful design reconciles laid-back elegance, technical innovation and playful creativity.

Prodir DS7



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Its well-balanced play with different surfaces makes a strong impression even with the basic version. Options, such as Soft Touch, galvanised push buttons and metal nose cones additionally underscore the high-quality use of form of the new DS6.

Prodir DS6



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The DS5 offers a unique array of creative opportunities thanks to its many personalisation options, colours, surfaces and print surfaces.

Prodir DS5



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A subtle update on the design icon with a large clip and a new soft-twist mechanism.

Prodir DS3.1

DS3 Biotic


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The body surface and mechanism of the DS3 Biotic Pen are produced using renewable raw materials. Biodegradable in line with norm EN 13432.

Prodir DS3 Biotic



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The DS3 is an absolute design icon among promotional writing instruments. The original is available as a ballpoint pen and as a mechanical pencil.

Prodir DS3



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The streamlined side wings of the push button offers unique personalisation possibilities.

Prodir DS2



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Thanks to its beautifully designed cap which sweeps seamlessly into the clip, the DS1 is a classic in pen design.

Prodir DS1