The Ultimate Promotional Products for Winter

Winter Products

With winter now setting in, we’ve now got several months of cold, wet and (if we’re lucky?) the occasional snow-fall to look forward to. This needn’t stop you promoting your brand with some awesome wintery products though! Below we present a selection of our coolest, must-have promotional products for winter…



Where do we begin? There are so many different styles of hats available. Whether you prefer a beanie, flat cap, beret or pom-pom, a hat is essential equipment for frosty winter days and makes an excellent gift for customers or staff who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Ice Scrapers

Ice scrapers

Have you ever woken up and said, “Boy, I hope there’s a thick layer of ice encrusted on my windscreen this morning!”? We thought not. But scraping snow and ice off your car is an unavoidable chore and this is where an ice scraper becomes a must-have winter accessory.

Hand warmer

Hand warmers

Initially intended for military use, the hand warmer was soon recognised as a perfect promotional gift for the winter months. A functional product that carries your brand message and can be used over and over again – it’s an absolute winner!

Driving pack

Winter driving packs

Keeping safe on the roads is of paramount importance throughout winter as icy conditions increase the risk of accidents. A winter driving pack containing de-icer spray, a chamois cloth and wave shaped ice scraper, all presented in a velvet lined luxury gift bag, is sure to be well-received by clients and employees alike.

Touch screen gloves

Touch screen gloves

Fashionable gloves that can be used with a touchscreen are one of the most useful winter gifts on the market. Not only do they keep your hands warm but you don’t have to remove them to use your smartphone, ensuring you stay connected, whatever the weather!

Thermal mug

Thermal mugs

An increasingly popular promotional product, thermal mugs are the perfect travel companion. From styles that fit securely in an in-car cup holder to others that are specially designed for single-handed use, there’s sure to be a branded thermal mug to suit your clients.



Ever dropped your keys and had to fumble around in the dark to find them? What about checking your oil or topping up washer fluid on a dark, cold winter morning? A branded torch will make your customers’ lives easier and their car journeys safer.

Fleece blanket

Fleece blankets

Perfect for winter outings or when you just want to snuggle up and get cozy by the fire. Our fleece blankets are made from luxurious soft plaid and come in a wide variety of colours and styles, plus multiple branding options.


Wine sets

What better than a bottle of quality red wine to chase away the winter chills or a light and fruity white to complement a roast turkey meal? Wine is always well-received and makes an excellent hamper-filler for end-of-year staff gifts.


If you’re looking for branded promotional products to promote your company this winter, we hope that this article has provided some inspiration.

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