5 Top Tips for Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Attending exhibitions and trade shows can be hugely beneficial for your business ? but only if you plan effectively beforehand, execute effectively on the day and follow up effectively afterwards!

Wireless - the smart way to charge

Technology is a wonderful thing but don?t we all loathe the wires that come with it? Thankfully in one area - phone charging - cables are rapidly becoming a thing of the past with the recent and swift growth in wireless charging. ?Powermat Spots? can now be found in some Starbucks tables and a few Ikea products now come with it integrated...

Are corporate gifts still effective as marketing tools?

Giving corporate gifts has been a common practice for decades and many organisations could vouch for how it assists business development by building strong and positive relationships. But are corporate gifts still effective marketing tools? We decided to go back to basics and explore some of the reasons why we believe corporate gifts are an essential ingredient in every marketing plan.

The Ultimate Promotional Products for Winter

With winter now setting in, we?ve now got several months of cold, wet and (if we?re lucky?) the occasional snow-fall to look forward to. This needn?t stop you promoting your brand with some awesome wintery products though! Below we present a selection of our coolest, must-have promotional products for winter?

Why seasonal gifts are an essential part of your marketing plan

If you?re looking to create an effective marketing plan, seasonal gifts must play a part. Why not reward your best customers for their loyalty by giving them a branded hamper? Or how about holding an end of year awards event for your staff or top suppliers?

4 Things You Need To Know When Buying Branded Sportswear

If you?re planning a sporting event, it can be easy to put branded clothing down as a minor detail. We don?t need to tell you that there?s a lot to organise, but be sure to consider in good time what the attendees will be wearing on the big day...